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About Us

Jinan Weikete Chemistry Technology Co.,Ltd. is a private high-technology enterprise which was founded in 2004 at Jinan . The company have about 100 staffs and qualified to take export and import trade. Our company devoted to the research and development, production and domestic and abroad trade of fine chemicals and medicine.Company's goals: to gradually form a set of research and development, production, sales integration, business internationalization, based on domestic and international expansion, in the specialized field of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical development in international company. Business areas: Jinan Weikete Chemical Technology Co., Ltd is focused on fine chemicals and pharmaceutical developments in the field, including: pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates, dyes intermediates, functional materials, intermediates, catalysts and additives, pharmaceutical raw materials, preparation and construction of chemical products, feed additives. Based on the domestic market at the same time, expand in Japan, Europe, America, Korea, India and other countries and regions, business and become a world-renowned chemical company in the domestic agents. R & D: Weikete is dedicated to fine chemicals and pharmaceutical field of professional development and research and development, with one from the chemical, pharmaceutical professionals and the field of information and technology management talent composed of high-quality R & D team. The company independently developed by pharmaceutical raw materials naphthyl piperazine hydrochloride, azelastine hydrochloride, ropivacaine and other projects have reached advanced level, while part of the intermediate scale has also been sold. Company Philosophy: "Honesty, innovation, development" is Jinan Weikete Chemical Technology Co., Ltd has always upheld this belief. We are concerned about application areas, and guide people to use environmentally friendly products, dedicated to the development of green chemical industry. Chairman and general manager warmly welcome the know of things to create a great cause!

Jinan Weikete Chemistry Technology Co.,Ltd. is a private high-technology enterprise
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